NIS supports project “Conquering Belgrade

August 30, 2013

NIS is sponsoring the Conquering Belgrade Project designed for the young and aimed at enhancing the culture of living in the City. By the end of the year, Belgrade schoolchildren will have the opportunity to take part in various programmes and projects which are to bring art and education closer to them but are also in the interest of their local community. Numerous activities will be organised in September, such as a contest termed Become your Neighbourhood Hero/Heroine which will provide schoolchildren with an opportunity to propose projects to improve their neighbourhoods. The best proposals will be implemented and the proposers awarded. In addition, a highschool bands’ contest will be organised and the winner, which will be announced on 28 September, is to perform in a free-entrance concert in the Youth Centre. Teenagers will also be able to apply for “Remixing the (Pedagogical) Museum” and tailor the Pedagogical Museum permanent exhibition to their own interests. NIS j.s.c. has supported the Conquering Belgrade Project as part of its social responsibility policy. In so doing, the Company strives to contribute to the promotion of cultural values and involvement of the youth in order to raise the quality of Belgrade's cultural climate to an even higher level.