NIS Supports Promotion of the Balkans Culture in EU

April 16, 2013

This year, NIS will be the main sponsor of the seventh Balkan Trafik music festival, which will be held in Brussels, from 17 to 21 April. This festival, visited by more than 6,000 people every year, promotes culture and art of the Balkans. Through this festival, NIS will contribute to the presentation of the modern culture of the Balkan peoples, in the very heart of Europe. NIS' support to the festival is in line with the Company's strategic development, which fosters expansion in the very region which the Balkan Trafik promotes. NIS is the first Serbian company to open its representative office in Brussels which was spurred, among other reasons, by the desire to indirectly support Serbian integration into the European Union. Moreover, in order to ensure a brighter cultural future of the society and community, through a special program of socially responsible business - "Culture without Limits", NIS supports institutions and festivals locally, nationally, and internationally. "We are proud to be a part of this year's Balkan Trafik festival. NIS' mission is similar to that one of the festival, in particular, to show the new face of the Balkans. Today, NIS is a company which employs people from more than 20 countries worldwide, and we work hard to become a real international company that will leave a deep impression in Europe. Our business is based on the principle of sustainable development, transparency, and modernization", Kirill Kravchenko, the CEO of NIS, stated in Brussels, in relation to this festival. This year, the Balkan Trafik will be staged by more than 170 artists, the most famous of them being Goran Bregović, Turkish Taksim Trio, Damir Imamović a performer of traditional love songs from Sarajevo, Fanfare Ciocărlia - Romanian brass instruments musicians and Amza Tairov - the Macedonian "Master at Keyboards". During the five festival days in the Centre for Fine Arts of Brussels - BOZAR, the artists from Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, but also Syria, Belgium, and New York, will perform on several stages. All music genres will be represented - from brass instruments played throughout the Balkans, to rock'n'roll and jazz. Workshops and debates on the future of the culture of the Balkans will be organized within the Balkan Trafik, while the last day of the festival is designated for achievements in the field of motion pictures.