NIS Supports UNICEF’s Years of Ascent Programme

November 13, 2019

In addition, NIS Volunteer Club organized a gathering of NIS employees and children. Before the concert, in the lobby of the Sava Centre, through thematic games, drawing on canvas and communication with children, members of the NIS Volunteers Club sent another message from NIS volunteers about the importance of child development for the future of our country. The concert featured the Kolibri Choir, with special guests Nemanja Radulović and Stefan Milenković and accompanying musicians. Symbolically named Years of Ascent, this programme represents the new foundations of preschool education programmes that recognize the importance of preschool age in developing a lifelong learning capacity. The programme is aimed to improve the quality of pre-school education in Serbia and to help children acquire the skills necessary for the modern age. In line with its title of one of the most responsible domestic companies, NIS pays great attention to philanthropic activities and to the development of volunteerism among its employees. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2018 the Volunteers Club was officially founded. The Club brings together a large number of employees who want to get involved in the planning, design and implementation of volunteer activities. Through corporate volunteerism, the Company motivates its employees, encourages them to engage, and develops a sense of community by enabling them to participate in activities that contribute to the fulfilment of broader social goals. Through the Volunteer Club activities, employees donate their time or knowledge, and the main focus is on activities aimed on socially disadvantaged categories, children and youth, ecology and environmental protection.