NIS Supports Young Physicists at the 44th International Physics Olympiad

July 5, 2013

With the help of NIS, talented young physicist will compete at the 44th International Physics Olympiad, to be held in Copenhagen from 7 to 15 of July 2012. These young physicists, who will represent Serbia at this prestigious competition, attended the press conference today at the Belgrade Institute of Physics. The Serbian team includes Milan Krstajić, Ilija Burić, Uroš Ristivojević, Ivan Tanasijević and Luka Bojović. They will be accompanied by their expert mentors: Professor Ivan Dojčinović, PhD, and Professor Aleksandar Krmpot, PhD, Besides the talented physicists, NIS representatives attended the conference, and so did the president of the Physicist Association of Serbia, professor Ivan Dojčinović, PhD, director of the Physics Institute, professor Aleksandar Belić, PhD, and Chairman of the Committee, professor Aleksandar Krmpot, PhD. At the end of last year, NIS and the Physicist Association of Serbia the Memorandum of Cooperation, regulating the support to national and international physics competitions. NIS wants to contribute to the development of natural sciences, which are the key to the development of NIS and the country in general. Taking this into account, NIS welcomed 32 physicists who competed at the Serbian Physics Olympiad. Best ranked participants qualified for the International Physics Olympiad. Milan Krstajić, the winner of the Serbian Physics Olympiad, and team leader for the upcoming International Physics Olympiad thanked NIS and the Physicists Association of Serbia and said: "This was a beautiful experience for all of us, especially after the effort we put into. We worked a lot and I believe I can say, on behalf of the whole team, that we will try to justify the hopes of those who invests their trust in us." Professor Snežana Lakićević, PhD, talked to the competitors on behalf of NIS, as its University Relations Manager: "We were honoured to support the best physicists, our Olympic competitors. Our strategic goal is to support the Serbian Association of Physicists and Mathematical Association of Serbia now and in the future. Starting from next year, we will actively fund best scientists and experts. NIS activities and its Energy of Knowledge project is not mere sponsorship, it is a partnership with young people, investment in the best of the best, which will definitely contribute to scientific development in the Republic of Serbia. Young physicists change the values of our country," said Snežana Lakićević.