NIS – the Most Successful Company in Serbia in Terms of Profit and Income

November 16, 2012

NIS was announced to be the most successful company in 2011 in two categories: profit and income, based on the list in the magazine “Biznis i finansije”, specialising in business and finances. The list of the most successful companies in Serbia is created based on the company results in the balance sheet on 31/12/2011, provided by the Serbian Business Registers Agency, a longtime partner of “Biznis i finasije” in monitoring business activities in Serbia. Telekom Srbija and Delta Kapital are ranked behind NIS in terms of profit, while EPS and Telekom Srbija are ranked behind NIS in the category of operating revenue. The 2011 performance results based on which NIS is the best-ranked company in Serbia, are a true indicator of efficient corporate business activities. Capital investments in 2011 contributed to this. They amounted RSD 34.4 million, which is by 75% more than under the 2010 Investment Programme. As a part of its 2011 Investment Programme, NIS invested RSD 13.9 million, while the remainder of the modernisation programme was financed by the majority shareholder OAD Gazprom Neft.