NIS took over 50 percent of shares in the project wind-park “Plandiste” .

April 22, 2013

NIS took over 50 percent of shares in the project “Plandiste” windpark. Previously, in December 2012, the company signed the Agreement on construction of the wind-park “Plandiste” with owners of the corporation "Energowind". In this moment, partners have equal shares in the project. Apart from that, the French company "Akuo Energy SAS" expressed its intention to participate in construction of the wind-park, and signed with the “Energowind” company respective Memorandum of Understanding. Project of construction of “Plandiste” wind-park, anticipates construction of 34 wind generators of total capacity of 102 MW on the territory of the Serbian municipality with the same name. Total value of the project, including creation of basic documentation and acquiring of licenses amounts to EUR 160 million. NIS will allocate from its funds EUR 23.5 million for realization of this project, other funds will be provided from bank loans, attraction and provision of which will secure the project participants. Insofar, the project does not anticipate issuing of loan warranties by NIS and its dependent structures, and thus credit limits of NIS will not be used. Currently, there is a pool of banks ready to credit the project, and their representatives, together with the project participants, are harmonizing final commercial requirements for the loan approval. Simultaneously, selection of equipment suppliers and contractors for construction of auxiliary facilities is underway. It is expected that the construction of wind-generators will start this June, and in the first quarter of 2014, preparations for commissioning will start. Upon completion of the construction, “Plandiste” wind-park will become the first big infrastructural facility in the area of electro-energy, built in Serbia in the past 25 years. Electricity produced in the wind-park will be taken by distribution networks of the Public Utility “Elektroprivreda Srbije”. This project is being realized in accordance with the NIS strategy of long-term development, which anticipates diversification of the company’s business and its transformation into a regional energy holding company. About companies: NIS is one of the biggest vertically integrated energy companies of the South-East Europe. Basic directions of business are research, oil and gas production and refining, as well as sale of a wide specter of petroleum products. In 2011, with the aim of extending business, the "Energy" block was formed. “Gazprom Neft” owns 56.15% of shares of NIS, and 29.88 % of NIS shares is ownership of Republic of Serbia. Remaining shares are owned by Serbian citizens, employees and former employees of NIS, and minor shareholders. “Energowind” is a private company, specialized for realization of projects of wind energy at the territory of Serbia. In the past 6 years, the company has dealt with elaboration of wind-park project and with collection of necessary permits, as well as with creation of project documentation. Partnership with NIS will enable to “Energowind” company to realize the project of construction of “Plandiste” wind-park, the first wind-park in Serbia. AkuoEnergy is a potential partner in this project. It is a company specialized for realization of project in segment of “green” energy, including wind energy, solar energy and hydro energy, as well as biofuels and biomass. The Company executes closed circle of the project realization, from base projecting to financing and exploitation. It has experience in realization and it is also a project operator on the territory of France, the USA, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Poland, India, Uruguay and other countries.