NIS’ volunteers arranged a preschool in Sefkerin

August 13, 2019

With the help of a donation of employees and NIS, this space will be further enriched with new didactic materials, curtains, carpets and photo wallpaper, so that the children from this tame Vojvodina town enjoy a more comfortable environment at all times. Arranging a Sefkerin preschol is just one of five projects by the NIS Volunteer Club, recently selected at the company contest, “Beautify! Teach! Delight!”, with a focus on community development. The projects have been designed by NIS’ employees themselves, who will bring together teams to invest time, knowledge and effort for the benefit of other people and the community. Before the realisation of these projects, the volunteers underwent additional training-workshop, organised by Smart kolektiv. The NIS Volunteer Club was formally established in 2018. The focus of NIS’ corporate volunteerism is on helping the socially disadvantaged, children and youth, as well as environmental protection. So far, a number of actions have been implemented, such as the decoration of Fruška Gora, the quay on Tamiš, the cleaning of the Petrovaradin Fortress, as well as the delivery of New Year’s presents to children at the General Hospital “Studenica” in Kraljevo, the Clinical Centre in Niš, the SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo and the Children’s Home in Sremčica.