NIS welcomes applications for its first hackathon – „Hacking of refuelling stations“

February 20, 2018

The theme and the task for the participants of the event will be "Hacking of refuelling stations", while the prize fund for the three best solutions will total a total of 5,000 euros. NIS hackathon will be held at the Playground Innovation Center at Kralja Milana 10, and the deadline for applications is February 25th. The concept of hackathon involves finding the best solution on a given topic, and in this case competitors will be inspired to think about the direction in which the concept of petrol stations can be developed using the latest technologies, in a way that makes the stations modern. This is an opportunity for teams consisting of four participants to create an innovative software solution and demonstrate knowledge and skills in the field of IT and design with business thinking, creativity and determination to provide 48 hours of quality answers to the challenge. During the hackathon, there are top mentors in the field of programming, marketing, business and preparing for public appearances. The teams remain creative and they try to respond to the challenged challenge through an innovative approach using technology. In addition to cash prizes, for the best solution, there is the possibility of supporting further development and commercial application of the solution. As an innovative company, which wants to provide its consumers with the best and most up-to-date service, NIS is in this way trying to discover the latest tendencies in the field of service activities at its gas stations. This hackathon is one of the first steps of cooperation between NIS and ICT Hub aimed at opening the NIS to the startup community and approaching technological start-ups. NIS provided a prize fund, mentor support from experts in the field of IT, marketing and business, as well as working conditions - food, drinks, inspirational space, fast internet and resting space. All interested in participating in the NIS hackathon can register on the site: