NIS winner of the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak plaque

November 9, 2018

The plaque was presented to NIS out of gratitude for completion of the project entitled “Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, with the aim of improving the quality of work and air in the local community”, which included replacing the old metal facade windows with aluminium windows. The project was supported by NIS through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program “Together for the Community”. This recognition was given to NIS at a ceremony organized for the Day of the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, during which awards were given to the faculty’s best students and to business entities. City Čačakrepresentatives, professors and students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak (University of Kragujevac), representatives from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and representatives from NIS, attended the ceremony. The old windows on the faculty building were energy inefficient, which directly affected the consumption of coal for heating the building, and consequently the increase of harmful gases emissions into the environment. Gas emissions, measured by the Health Protection Institute in Čačak, showed that emissions exceeded the limit values and thus adversely affected the environment and the public health of the citizens of Čačak. Responsibility for resources and environmental protection are among NIS’s business priorities, and NIS supported this project through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program Together for the Community to the amount of one and a half million dinars. Nebojsa Mitrović, Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, spoke about the 43 successful years of the faculty, as well as about projects implemented to improve their work and the companies that helped them. “Cooperation is the key word. In order to have good working conditions it was necessary to improve the infrastructure of the building of our faculty. In that sense, we received extraordinary support from the Petroleum Industry of Serbia through the Together for the Community Program, thanks to which we managed to change the windows”, said Dean Mitrović. Stefan Despotović, director of NIS’s Department of External Communications, stated on this occasion: “The recognition we received today is extremely important to NIS. Social responsibility is a strategic commitment of NIS and it is not just a phrase, but our fundamental practice that we confirm on a daily basis. The project that we supported this year at your faculty confirms this commitment. When we talk about cooperation between NIS and the City of Čačak, I would like to point out that it is extremely good, not only in the domain of business activities, but also in the field of socially responsible projects. For the past five years, NIS and Čačak have successfully cooperated within the framework of the Together for the Community Program, and during this time, we have implemented about 30 projects in the territory of the City. We have a common goal – to create a better future for the community in which we live and work. I can announce that in the years ahead, we will implement even more successful projects.” The Together for Community social responsibility program has been implemented by NIS for ten consecutive years in 12 towns and municipalities across Serbia, and within this program more than one billion RSD has been invested for the realization of more than 900 projects that have helped the development of local communities.