NIS Wins National Volunteering Award in Stride of the Year Category

December 9, 2019

NIS earned this award thanks to its significant contribution through volunteering within the company competition named “Improve! Teach! Spread Joy!“. NIS selected top five initiatives created and implemented by our employees, who renovated the interior of a nursery school in Sefkerin, the garden of the “Altruist” Association of Persons with Developmental Delay in Žabalj, and the fence around the “Milan Petrović” School in Novi Sad. They also attended the workshop organised by the Association of Persons with Down Syndrome in the “Zvuci Srca” café in Belgrade, and decorated the interior of the “Rade Drainac” Elementary School in Belgrade. The oil company volunteers especially cherish the time spent with the children and the young coming from these institutions and the “Child’s Heart” humanitarian organisation. Implementation of the “Improve! Teach! Spread Joy!” project is just one of the volunteering projects which NIS’ employees have organised this year, dedicating their time, knowledge, and effort for the well-being of the community. Through corporate volunteerism, NIS motivates its employees, encourages them to engage, and develops a sense of community by enabling them to participate in activities which contribute to attainment of more comprehensive social goals. The National Volunteering Award ceremony was part of the international conference on corporate social responsibility - CSR forum. Milena Spasić, Director of the CSR Sector, accepted the award on NIS’ behalf. Other award winners include Coca Cola HBC Serbia for a strategic approach to corporate volunteering, the IDC Serbia association for the best short-term initiative, and the“From Bottle Cap to a Smile” association for the best long-term initiative. Tamara Klarić and Bogdan Stevanović from NURDOR won the volunteers of the year award, the Centre for Positive Youth Development (CEPORA) the best association/public institution/institution volunteering award, while the Bosis company won the award for encouraging initiative in the local community. Additional information: In line with its title of one of the most socially responsible domestic companies, NIS pays great attention to philanthropic activities and to the development of volunteerism among its employees. This is evidenced by the fact that, in 2018, the NIS’ Volunteers Club was officially founded. The Club brings together more than 450 employees who participate in the planning, design, and implementation of volunteer activities. So far, numerous initiatives oriented towards helping socially vulnerable groups, children, and the young, renovation of children’s hospitals, and environmental protection, have been organised. One of the largest initiatives launched was the support to NURDOR’s activities within the “Take a Step” initiative, where more than 300 NIS’ employees, from all over Serbia, took part. The goal was to raise funds for the construction of a new Parental House in Belgrade.