NIS Wins Prestigious Talent Management Award in 2016

December 23, 2016

NIS has won the first award in Talent Management in Serbia in 2016 In 2014, Stanton Chase, an international Executive Search company, set up a Talent Management award presented to companies in various industries in recognition of their investment in the development of their employees. In 2015, our company won the award for the most complex approach to talent management in the same competition. This year's competition gathered the largest number of domestic and international companies so far, recognised in the market for quality talent development programmes at all levels, as well as for good collaboration with universities. In a unanimous vote of a jury of experts, our company's Corporate University concept was declared the best practice in the entire competition. This award is of great significance to our company as it confirms that NIS is developing in the right direction and that its efforts and expertise are recognised by external audiences, too. At the same time, this is an incentive for us to continue extending boundaries and to work towards improving the existing talent development programmes and creating the new ones. Vladan Buha, Director of the Training and Development Sector, received the award on behalf of NIS Vladan Buha, Director of the Training and Development Sector, received the award on behalf of NIS in yesterday's award announcement ceremony. “We take pride in the fact that we have won the first award in talent management in Serbia in 2016. This award serves as a great acknowledgement that our company develops its talents according to international standards. We are happy that there is such a way to promote and share good practices in talent management. I would like to thank the wonderful team of the Training and Development Sector for dedication, expertise, hard work and passion for developing people,” said Vladan Buha at the awards ceremony.