NIS wins the Best of Serbia award for GAZPROM petrol stations

April 10, 2014

NIS has won the Best of Serbia award in two categories, for the GAZPROM petrol stations network and for the best corporate brand in the Manufactured Goods and Services category. The Best of Serbia is awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Communication and the economic daily “Privredni pregled” for the best corporate and product brand in Serbia. In the Best Foreign Brand Entry into Serbian Market category, NIS has won the award for the network of GAZPROM petrol stations. GAZPROM petrol stations represent the premium brand managed by NIS, both in Serbia and in the countries in the region - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria. The retail network offers top-quality fuels produced in line with Euro 5 standard. GAZPROM petrol stations are tailored to accommodate modern consumers, thus, in addition to the high-quality fuel and motor oils, they also provide full comfort and fast and top-grade service. The consumers are offered a pleasant stay in the restaurants and cafes and enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks, as well as a wide range of retail products, Internet access and other 24/7 services. In addition, NIS has won the Best of Serbia award for its corporate brand for the second successive year. Winning the award two years in a row testifies once again to the consistency of quality and consumer trust. The Best of Serbia has been awarded for ten years, representing one of the most notable brand awards in Serbia. This year, more than 170 brands took part in the competition, while the main brand assessment criteria were market and financial elements, interviewees' perception and the assessment by expert jury, whose members this year were the President of the Chamber of Commerce Željko Sertić, Ministers of Trade and Economy Rasim Ljajić and Igor Mirović, President of Serbia Media Advisor Stanislava Pak, professors of the Faculty of Economics Stipe Lovreta and Saša Veljković, and the President of the Consumers Centre of Serbia Vera Vida.