NISOTEC – a market leader in sales performance and product quality

March 17, 2014

NIS has presented its lubricants business results at the Belgrade International Motor Show. NIS keeps improving its production, expanding the range of high-quality domestic products. The Company is launching new high-quality motor oils which are in compliance with all the requirements of engine manufacturers and applicable certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In this respect, NIS has strengthened its leadership in the lubricants segment, reaching a 22 per cent share in the Serbian market in 2013. It also achieved a 3-percent growth by improving business performance and introducing advanced technologies, despite the economic crisis and slightly falling shares of other leaders in this business segment. This year, NIS plans to increase its share in the lubricants segment to 25 per cent. Owing to the expansion of its distribution network in the Balkans, namely in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania, the sales plan is now 16 per cent above the 2013 plan. NISOTEC has developed ECO-FRIENDLY, a new portfolio of environmentally friendly lubricants. NISOTEC AdBlue, designed for euro-4 and euro-5 engines to reduce noxious nitrogen oxides emissions in exhaust gases, is already on the market. Another product from this environmentally-friendly portfolio will be launched soon, termed NISOTEC Biotesterol, which is a biodegradable product designed for forestry and agricultural purposes. At the fair NIS also presented a new visual identity for NISOTEC which matches the NIS tricolour scheme, with the blue bottle symbolising GAZPROM identity. NISOTEC has thus established a closer link with this oil industry leader which guarantees high quality and reliable performance of its products and following the latest design trends. So far, NISOTEC products have won over 30 quality awards and a prize for exceptional quality at the Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair. Today, large NISOTEC programme ranges from top-quality products approved for usage by leading car manufacturers to more economic oils designed for older generations of vehicles. As part of its presentation at the Motor Show, NIS has also organised a competition termed MY CAR AND I LIKE NISOTEC OILS presented by Dušan Borković, a member of NIS Petrol Racing Team.