NISOTEC Introduced to BSE Students

May 9, 2017

The lecture was organised with a view to give the students an insight into the practical functioning of the creation of a brand and its subsequent positioning in local and regional market. Tatjana Cvetkov Čikošev pointed out that  running business in high competition market means tremendous challenges for companies, especially for those business that are in the process of making their name and products trade marks. They have to pay special attention to the strategy of integrated marketing communication.  "The objective we had set in defining strategy implied NISOTEC brand joining the group of Balkans leading brands in terms of sales volume, service, qualityу and technology. The committed, high-quality, creative team of professionals manage to transform an unknown brand into the brand, which is currently Serbia’s market leader and ranks among the top six lubricant brands in the Balkans“, Tatjana Cvetkov Čikošev said. NISOTEC Brand involves a broad product range of oils and lubricants manufactured from the best quality raw materials. It is produced in a pooled effort with global household names in additives and base oils. They significantly reduce the consumption of fuel, provide better anti-corrosion protection for the engine, which results in its extended service life.