NISpired by Film Winner Announced

March 14, 2014

A short film by Danilo Crnogorac from Belgrade has won the NISpired by Film contest, the competition organised by NIS as the general sponsor of this year's FEST. The winning film is inspired by our classic, Nacionalna klasa. The winner of the contest will travel to Karlove Vari for one of Europe’s most renowned film festivals in July. Ivan Karl, the selector of FEST, dramatist Dimitrije Vojnov and director Slobodan Pešić have been asked to judge the contest and select the winning short film. The contest assignment was to make a 14-second video of a famous film scene and send it to NIS Instagram profile. The contestants were inspired by the classics like Pulp Fiction, Grease, Three Colours Red, Psycho, Matrix, Star Wars, The Transporter etc. NISpired by Film contest is designed to encourage FEST-goers to be creative and to have fun, and judging by the turnout and high quality of the short films, it hit the target. You can watch all the films sent in for NISpired by Film on your mobile phones via Instagram by entering: hashtag-a #nispiracija. If you wish to view them on your computer, enter: #nispiracija on