NIS’s employees aid children with cancer, in course of a humanitarian initiative “Love heals”

March 3, 2014

Daily newspaper "Kurir" In course of the humanitarian initiative “Love heals”, NIS’s employees presented donation of the Institute for Children and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina. Donation included a laminar floor cabinet, a device which is necessary for quality treatment of children with cancer. The employees of NIS Company initiated a campaign of aid gathering for the children, not only to provide a financial support to their medical treatment, but to express all their love and solidarity with them and their families, as well. By collecting money and engaging broader community via social networks, both company and NIS’s workers wanted to join children and their parents in their battle for recovery. Svetlana Vycherova, the Director of PR and Communications stated that NIS’s employees gave children the most important thing – love and she is proud that they put effort into making other people’s lives easier.