NIS’s exhibition Gems of a Collection

May 21, 2012

News paper “24 sata”

A gem of a collection” is the title of an exhibition that the inhabitants of Novi Sad could exclusively see in the building of NIS, during 6th Night of Museums in Novi Sad. This is a unique collection of pictures from NIS’s collection, and it includes the works of Petar Lubarda, Milan Konjović, Ljubica - Cuca Sokić and many others. This was the second time that NIS took part in the Night of Museums. In addition to the fact that the audience had a chance to see this unique exhibition, several other programs were also organized. the movie about the beginnings of oil explorations in Serbia “Plant B” from 1958 was shown. This film was shot in NIS’s plant “South Banat“, and viewers could see the oil fields and the process of exploration at that time and get familiar with a part of the lives of oil drilling workers. Moreover, a visit to NIS’s Museum was organized, where documents, items, tools and models are exhibited, testifying to the chronology of events and method of production and processing of black gold.