Novi Sad Delighted by Performance of Oldest Russian Theatre

May 30, 2015

The performance of this musical drama, based on Vladimir Nabokov’s story “The Beauty“ and popular Russian romances, was rewarded with a big round of applause from the audience. The charismatic member of the Fyodor Volkov theatre troupe, Natalia Asankina, greatly contributed to the success of the play by painting a faithful picture of the spirit of refined classics and times gone by, accompanied by the piano. Andrey Shibanov, Deputy CEO of NIS, Yuri Itin, the Fyodor Volkov theatre manager, and the interpreter (right to left) Andrey Shibanov, Deputy Director of NIS and Director of Organizational Affairs, addressed those present on behalf of NIS, pointing out that this guest performace was but one in a series of joint projects of NIS and the Russian Centre. “This is an opportunity for the two nations to come together through culture and the enjoyment of the beauty of Russian romance,“ Shibanov pointed out. Yuri Itin, manager of the Fyodor Volkov theatre, spoke in greater detail about the connections between the theatres and our respective countries. “This is our first time in Serbia and Novi Sad. Culture connects us. We represent the live theatre, and that is why this performance is valuable,“ Itin pointed out. Named after the first Russian actor, and founded in the 18th century, The Fyodor Volkov theatre is the oldest professional theatre in Russia. It has won numerous awards and is considered one of the most important institutions in Russian theatre art. The guest performance of the oldest Russian theatre was organized as part of the cooperation between NIS and the Russian Centre in Serbia, which includes the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the areas of common interest, but primarily joint work on popularizing the Russian language and culture in Serbia.