Oleg Bobiljev delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Mining and Geology

April 19, 2013

Mr. Oleg Bobiljev, Deputy Director of the Scientific-Technical Centre and Director of the Reservoir Development yesterday delivered the lecture "Monitoring the development of oil fields NIS" to students of the Faculty of Mining and Geology. Bobiljev provided two examples of NIS practice in conducting oil field monitoring to students and professional public. One of the methods is to use a specialized software for these purposes, ECLIPSE and PETREL, while monitoring oil fields development may be conducted without the use of this software. “The objective of every oil company is to increase petroleum utilization coefficient and our task is to contribute to this “, said the Deputy Director of the Scientific-Technical Centre. “Monitoring NIS oil fields development” is one in the series of lectures organized for students of Belgrade and Novi Sad universities within the Project “Energy of Knowledge”. The objective of these lectures is to provide support and contribution to the educational program and establish a connection between NIS and student population and introduce them to business processes and possibilities for applying their theoretical knowledge in practice. Owing to this lecture, future graduates of the Faculty of Mining and Geology were given the opportunity to get introduced to NIS business from a different perspective and see the liaison of science and practice.