Pančevo Environmental Festival Supported by NIS

August 28, 2014

At several locations in the city, the visitors of the festival had an opportunity to participate in workshops, lectures, and eco-campaigns with one unique goal - to gain knowledge of environmental issues which each of us can influence.

NIS supported the festival as part of the "Cooperation for Development"
A special focus was given to the young people with an aim to encourage them to think about the importance of recycling and preservation of the environment, while, in the "Public Garden", the festival visitors could learn about the environmentally friendly companies and organizations.     The festival organizers recognized the need to build the environmental awareness of the public and raise the level of knowledge as to how every person can help preserve the environment by saving energy, using environmentally-friendly material, and having a healthy diet. As a company whose strategic orientation implies investment into environmental protection, NIS, together with the City of Pančevo, supported the main festival idea and helped its implementation as part of the "Cooperation for Development".