Partizan NIS One Team at Children sport week

January 25, 2014

The eleventh Partizan One Team NIS gathering has taken place in Belgrade’s Delta City shopping mall. Children performed at the closing ceremony of Children’s Sport Week, an event organised by the Senjak Athletic Academy intended to promote sports, which lasted throughout the week. Representatives of NIS, the company sponsoring the Partizan Basketball Club, have taken this opportunity to present athletic training gear to children– backpacks, T-shirts and bottles for water. NIS has been supporting the Partizan basketball team for six consecutive years as part of its social responsibility programme The Power of Sports. This year the sponsorship went beyond the usual promotion of athletic values, team spirit and top achievement to include the support of young generations and a pooled charity effort. One Team coaches helped the children from the Blue Circle Association to acquire athletic skills in various exercises and games on a dedicated playground. The whole event proved to be a great crowd pleaser. It was also attended by Mlađan Šilobad, the director of the Partizan basketball team and its young player Petar Aranitović, who joined the children in their games. The event was not all about just playing, however. The coaches spoke with the children about a positive attitude that comes in handy to rise to different challenges, helps boost self-confidence, perseverance and diligence. The next such event to wrap up this season of Partizan One Team project is to take place in the Combank Arena, when Partizan is to play Lokomotiv, Kuban in the Euroleague match. The participants will show to the Belgrade audience whatever they had learned over the course of the preceding 12 weeks in the Partizan One Team project. The One Team project objective is to involve the youngest in athletics. the children from the Blue Circle Association fighting diabetes have had an opportunity in the previous three months to train basketball, attend matches, take part in creative workshops and socialise with the Partizan NIS basketball team members.