Presentation of 2013 Operating Results on the Belgrade Stock Exchange

February 27, 2014

NIS presented its financial results for 2013 on the Belgrade Stock Exchange Market today. The presentation of results on the Stock Exchange, intended for professionals, shareholders, investors and brokers, was delivered by Anton Fyodorov, Deputy CEO and the Director of Finance, Economics, Planning and Accounting. The professional community learnt that NIS net profit for 2013 was 48.4 billion dinars. Operating income (EBTIDA) amounts to 68.8 billion dinars, which is by 5 % higher than in 2012. The presented report was prepared in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards. Mr Fyodorov emphasised that the majority of the Company planned activities had been accomplished and he presented the key projects for 2014. After the presentation, he provided answers to numerous questions of the professional community.