Prizes Awarded to Physics, Chemistry and Russian Language Competition Winners

May 28, 2016

This ceremonial declaration was graced by His Excellency Aleksandr Chepurin, Russia’s Ambassador to Serbia, the CEO of NIS Kirill Kravchenko, professor Dušan Nikolić, Ph.D, Chancellor of the University of Novi Sad, Nadezhda Kushenkova, director of Russia House in Belgrade, representatives of the Association of Physicists, Association of Chemists of Serbia and Association of Slavic Studies of Serbia, as well as NIS top executives. The team of competitors to represent Serbia at the International Olympics in physic that is to take place in Switzerland is made up of Dušan Novičić, Mihajlo Sporić, Dušan Đorđević and Vuk Radović, who are all students of Belgrade’s High School of Mathematics and Miloje Đukanović from “Vuk Karadžić” High School in the town of Loznica. at the International chemistry olympics to take place in Georgia in summer, Serbia will be represented by Павле Крављанац , a student of Belgrade’s First High School, Andrej Kukuruzar from High School “Veljko Petrović” from Sombor, Stefan Stojanović from the High School in the town of Leskovac, Jovan Stojković from High School “Bora Stanković” from Vranje and Milica Jauković, a student of Belgrade’s First High School. Russian language Olympics was conducted in four categories, with the absolute winners of this competition: Irena Madžgalj from the Primary School “Risto Ratković” from Bijelo Polje, Vanja Krstivojević, a student of Belgrade’s Fourteen High School and Aleksandar Balubdžić, a student of Belgrade’s Third High School. The three competitors, who ranked in 3 top positions, were awarded gold, silver and bronze statuettes “Power of Knowledge”. Last month, NIS awarded prizes to the winners of Serbia’s Mathematics Olympics, who will represent Serbia at the 57th International Mathematics Olympics to take place in Hong Kong. Within its “Power of Knowledge” corporate programme the NIS Company for four consecutive years has been facilitating the Olympics in physics, chemistry, mathematics and Russian language, as well as participation of Serbia’s Olympic teams at international competitions.