Profit of NIS in 2013 approximates that in 2012.

February 19, 2014

Daily newspaper "Danas" Media reports information about business results that company presented for 2013 year. They said that last year, despite the difficult economic situation, NIS made net profit of RSD48.4 billion, while the total investment of the company in 2013 reached 57 billion, said CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko. Profit of NIS in 2013 approximates that of the previous year, and NIS a.d. alone had a net profit of 51 billion dinars , while the rest of profit was made by affiliated companies. The achieved results were mostly affected by internal efficiency, cost reduction and the introduction of new technologies, which will continue to be implemented in 2014, said Kravchenko, when presenting last year’s business results of NIS. Last year, NIS paid for a variety of taxes about 120.6 billion, which is up to 30 percent more than in 2012, according to preliminary results, this oil company participates in budgetary payments of Serbia with about 14%, said Kravchenko. He noted that this year marked five years since Russia's Gazprom Neft had become the majority owner of NIS, and since then, the Russian partner had invested two billion euros and in the next three years it would invest additional EUR1.5 billion. Investments of NIS in the past year grew by about six percent compared to 2012, while EBTDA grew by five percent to RSD68.8 billion.