Protocol of Cooperation between NIS and for Road Traffic Safety Agency signed

March 18, 2015

The signed Protocol provides for the participation of NIS in the future activities and campaigns of the Agency, as well as the training and development of NIS employees, drivers in the first place, but also all other employees. Furthermore, it provides for the exchange of experiences, common projects, studies and researches, as well as publishing the technical literature related to road traffic safety. In view of the fact that drivers of NIS are exposed to risk on the road every day during the performance of their regular activities, the Company pays great attention to the prevention of traffic accidents and training and development of employees. In the previous period, NIS initiated and established cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, faculties of transport and traffic engineering and other institutions. The Protocol represents a continuation of cooperation which started back in 2012 when the Agency took part in "Drivers’ Challenges", the competition of professional drivers of NIS.