Quality Flies High. Aviation Fuel in NIS

February 3, 2015

During the previous year, the production of jet fuel was stable and in terms of quality much better than the prescribed European Union standards. In addition to modern technology which is crucial in such production, a well-trained team of employees makes a strong contribution to reliable operation and is the most important link in the jet fuel success. The excellent production of jet fuel in 2014 is the result of fantastic NIS' jet fuel sales indicators in the Sales and Distribution. In 2014, all available quantities of jet fuel were sold, what resulted in the sale increase over 40 per cent compared to the previous year. An outstanding record was recorded in July when the historical monthly sales of aviation fuel took place, while the intensive deliveries in August set a new record in 'into-wing" sales (into the aircraft tank). The biggest customer of NIS jet fuel is 'Air Serbia" and in 2014, the sales of this product to the local airliner significantly increased. In 2014, NIS also established the cooperation with the world leading airlines such as: Turkish Airlines, AEROFLOT and FlyDubai, which resulted in the increase in NIS' market share in Serbia by four per cent. Recently, NIS has expanded the cooperation with Wizz Air airliner, which will start to operate at the Constantine the Great Airport in Niš in May this year and whose aircrafts will be fuelled by NIS. In order to justify the role of a market leader, NIS is already elaborating strategic plans for the forthcoming period. The possibility of further development of sales of NIS' aviation fuel outside the borders of Serbia is being considered. Swifts fly with NIS fuel An important event for NIS was also strengthening of cooperation with the Military Forces of the Republic of Serbia. Thank to this, for the first time in history, at Batajnica Airport, NIS fuelled military aircrafts and MIG 29 aircrafts of the aerobatic team "Swifts" from the Russian Federation during the military parade and visit of the Russian President, Mr Vladimir Putin, to Belgrade. In addition to the military parade, NIS also supported the joint military training of the Ministries of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation by fuelling military aircrafts of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.