Reception for Students who Attended Professional Training in Russia through NIS’s Support

June 13, 2016

Group of students, who attended professional training at Ukhta University, was received by the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Mr. Cedomir Janjic. Students who have completed their professional training at Ukhta University are the first generation of newly accredited majors: Industrial Engineering in Oil and Gas Exploitation at the Zrenjanin Technical Faculty Mihailo Pupin, establishment of which was earlier initiated by NIS Company for the purpose of having educated staff, trained for work in the Company.  These applied studies are of interdisciplinary character which include guest lecturing by professors from Ukhta University, and also professional training for students at this prestigious educational institution. Cooperation of Zrenjanin faculty and Ukhta University has led also to twinning of these two cities, and in addition to education, further cooperation is planned in another fields as well. Upon arrival in Ukhta, the students were presented with the program of their visit and the map of Ukhta basin. In scientific-laboratory compounds of the University, furnished by some of the largest oil companies, students had an opportunity to familiarize with all processes of oil production, refining and transport through main pipelines. Zrenjanin students took active participation in numerous practices, from utilization of equipment, to simulation of operation on wellbores. At the end of its stay in Russia, the group of Serbian students was received by Alexandr Busyrev, Mayor of Ukhta, while Ukhta University rector, granted them award certificates on successfully completed professional training. NIS supported this visit of Zrenjanin students to Ukhta University in order to give chance to future engineers to attend professional practice at one of the most prestigious world universities in the area of oil and gas. Upon their stay in Ukhta, students will perform their internship in NIS Company this summer. Cooperation of NIS with educational and scientific institutes has been carried out through its corporate program "Energy of Knowledge”.