Renowned basketball players in NIS camp in Bečići

August 16, 2013

The famous basketball national team members, Vlado Šćepanović and Predrag Drobnjak visited the NIS camp and the participants of the Olympic Games in mathematics, physics, chemistry and Russian language before the start of the basketball tournament organized within the camp sports and recreation program in the hotel "Bečići." They supported the NIS project "Energy of Knowledge" with the message that they were happy to be the part of the project which made investments in knowledge and science and promoted real values. "The children in NIS camp are the example how it is possible to make a connection between science and sports. In the fields of science they are successful just like top athletes, they are already stars and they should be congratulated since they have managed to find themselves in what they like. I am sure that they will become professionals in their fields soon“, Drobnjak said. The students were delighted to meet and speak with former national team players who used to be their sport idols. After the children had been introduced with the sportsment, the basketball players were photographed with the participants and gave them useful advice before the start of a basketball game. The NIS Camp takes place from 10 to 19 August in Hotel "Bečići" within NIS project "Energy of Knowledge". It hosts the most successful participants of the Olympic Games in mathematics, physics and Russian language and their teachers-lecturers, NIS scholarship holders and holders of scholarships of the Fund for Young Talents who have accomplished great results both in state and international competitions. During their stay in NIS Camp, students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge by participating in scientific and teaching programs and have fun and entertain themselves in sport and recreational activities.