Retired Oil Workers Renovated their Home

September 13, 2013

Retired staffers of NIS-Naftagas from Velika Greda aided by NIS, local administration, neighbours and friends reinstated retirement home, which was inaugurated on Friday, 13th September. Retired staff members of NIS-Naftagas living in the town of Velika Greda honoured their promise of last year and in a pooled effort with their go-getting neighbours and friends, successfully reinstated and refurbished the senior citizens home in this town. On this occasion in this part of Banat, where in 1949 gas reserves were detected, and in the proximity three years later a crude oil deposit, last Friday saw a gathering of local administration representatives, Serbia’s Orthodox Church, Pensioners Union, NIS Naftagas Trade Unions, local authorities representatives and the numerous citizens. A special impetus to the implementation of the project gave Kirill Kravchenko, CEO of NIS, during last year celebration of six decates since crude oil reserves have been discovered in Serbia, when he presented NIS-Naftagas retirees with a check with funds dedicated for the senior citizens home renovation. At the opening ceremony of this facility, Milan Selaković, the Chairman of Plandište Parliament, thanked everyone, who facilitated the reinstatement of the home and pointed out that well-devised projects of the sort bring people together and bring substance to life and make it nicer. Rejoicing in their recovered home, which is now open to the youth of the town, Stojadin Stoiljković, president of the pensioners union of Velika Greda and Nikola Kravić, the union’s secretary, pointed out that more than 200 pensioners of the town have their place for various activities. This community is the residence of more than 100 pensioners, who pioneered the exploration and extraction of crude oil more than six decades ago. - Pensioners’ life in major communities and cities is easier- Nikola Kravić pointed out – but now our Union as well has multiple opportunities for better operation. We, the retired employees of NIS-Naftagas are ready to give our contribution. Well, this facility that is now open to public of Velika Greda, for whose renovation the greatest credit takes our company, where we worked all our lives, is the best proof that we are still vibrant and willing to help both ourselves and the community at large.