Romanian Local authorities awarded NIS Petrol for the social responsibility program

February 2, 2018

Romanian Local authorities awarded NIS Petrol for its social responsibility program “Growing Rural Romania” The program, which is part of the NIS global initiative “Together for the Community”, financed 15 development projects between 2014 and 2017. The projects were unfolded in communities where the company runs with upstream operations, in Timiș and Bihor counties, and the Company allocated for them more than EUR 200,000 over the past four years. This award is a recognition comes as the validation of the positive impact that the “Growing Rural Romania“ programme has had on local communities. In Oradea alone, the NIS Petrol program aimed at endorsing state of the art locksmith workshops within the largest vocational school in the county, Traian Vuia Technical College. Through the financial assistance provided by NIS Petrol, 636 high school students of 9th and 10th grades will have a better chance to learn the practical skills for an easy integration in the local workforce, where there is a steady demand for well trained professionals due to a rebirth industry. By contributing to the improvement of learning conditions at Traian Vuia Technical College, NIS Petrol invests in the formation of young professionals needed for the sustainable development of the local community. The recognition of NIS Petrol received from local authorities for its program “Growing Rural Romania” is not the first gesture of public recognition for its involvement in the development of local communities. This is, however, a strong indicator of the impact the company has and of the growing appreciation for its efforts.