SCC: NIS – An Example of Good Corporate Governance Practices

November 14, 2012

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) presented the Project to improve corporate governance and at the same time the new Code passed by SCC in September this year. On that occasion, NIS has been emphasized as an example of a company that has already started to implement good corporate governance practices. The manager of NIS Corporate Affairs Division, Mirjana Stanojević presented the company experience to the professional audience in the presentation "An example of good corporate governance practice - the experience of NIS".

NIS adopted the Code of Corporate Governance back in June 2010 and thus established a high standard of efficiency in the field of business management, which resulted in the improvement of the competitiveness of NIS, promoting an effective system of control, and at the same time further strengthened the trust of shareholders and investors in the Company, along with the defining procedures for reporting on corporate governance. In addition, by the application of the Code of Corporate Governance, NIS will ensure the achievement of the objectives of the shareholders of the Company, as well as the long-term economic development and growth.