Science Festival Sponsored by NIS from December 3rd to 6th

November 26, 2015

For three consecutive years, NIS has been the general sponsor of the most significant scientific event in the region, whose aim is to promote and develop science and scientific discoveries, and also kindle the interest for scientific research among the young, by applying interesting and approachable methods of getting to know the world of science. NIS as a Company will take an active part at this year's Festival, presenting itself with an educational and interactive exhibition titled "Natural Gas". The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Geological and Hydrometeorological School, as well as with the Faculty of Mining and Geology. Thematic workshops, practical experiments and exhibits will provide the opportunity to the visitors to obtain more detailed information about the composition, purpose and importance of the significant energy-generating product. As a company relying on application of new technology and innovation in all areas of its business activity, NIS has recognized the potential of the Science Festival, the scientific event which will open its doors once again to the guests and visitors from the entire region. In line with its corporate slogan "The Future at Work", NIS will keep supporting the activities and initiatives aiming to develop science and scientific achievements.