Serbian Mathematical Olympiad supported by NIS

January 14, 2013

NIS is committed to the education of young people in technical sciences, and this year's Mathematical Olympiad for high school students in Serbia will be organized with the support of NIS, said Mr. Dmitry Fomenko, Deputy CEO of NIS, at the national Seminar on teaching of mathematics in schools and colleges that was organized by the Mathematical Society of Serbia. - In Serbia, the emphasis is now on the social sciences, as before in Russia. We believe that young people will recognize the potentials of education in the field of Engineering, which is a major driving force in all economies in the world. We want to support the children to focus in this direction, being the future personnel necessary for the development of NIS. Petroleum Industry of Serbia is in position to provide to the best in this profession development in their personal careers in Serbia, as well as in the region and in Russia. Recruitment of the most successful young people from technical colleges will be continued through the "NIS Chance" program and cooperation with universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad. In this way, we also support development of the Serbian economy. Seminar of the Mathematical Society of Serbia, the oldest professional association with a tradition of over six decades, was held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, in Belgrade. The meeting was attended by the Head of School Administration of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Serbian Government, Mr. Miroslav Stamenkovic, who said that Serbia has a long tradition of organizing mathematical competitions, which increase knowledge and competencies of students.