Serbian mathematicians win six medals with NIS support

July 16, 2014

The Serbian Olympic team returned today from the 55th International Mathematical Olympiad held from 3 to 13 July in Cape Town, in the South African Republic. The young mathematicians, supported by NIS, came back to Belgrade with no less than six medals, one gold, three silver and two bronze, thus achieving brilliant results at the competition among as many as 560 high school students from all over the world. Žarko Ranđelović from the Grammar School Svetozar Marković in Niš won the gold medal, the silver medals were won by Anđela Šarković from the same school, Dušan Drobnjak and Luka Velikić from the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade, while Ivan Tanasijević and Maksim Stokić, also students of the Mathematical Grammar School, took the bronze medals home. "This medal means a lot to me. I have been preparing for competitions since my second high school grade, which is why the success was a natural course of action. I receive NIS scholarship and will continue my studies in Cambridge", said Žarko Ranđelović, who had also won the gold medal at the last year Olympiad in Colombia. "When we participate in such competitions, we always try to learn as much as we can. The kids were great. I am sure they have a bright future ahead, whether they continue their studies abroad or stay in Serbia. I hope that those to go abroad will return to work in our country. I would like to express my gratitude to NIS for the support and arrangement to go to the Olympiad. The trip and preparation for such competitions are very expensive, and NIS showed generosity both this and last year", said Dušan Đukić, the head of the Serbian mathematical team. The Olympiads in mathematics, physics and chemistry at the national level have been organized with the support of NIS for already two consecutive years, while the Company, through its cooperation with the Serbian Mathematical Society, Serbian Physical Society and Serbian Chemical Society, provides support for the national teams' travel and participation in the international Olympiads. Knowledge Olympiads are organized within the NIS Energy of Knowledge corporate program, including cooperation with high schools and universities in Serbia. The program has been initiated in line with the NIS strategy - to invest in the young generations.