Serbian Students Ace Balkan Mathematical Olympiad

May 6, 2014

The students who proudly held the “Energy of Knowledge“ statuettes as a result of their ranking at the Serbian Mathematical Olympiad, which took place at the NIS Business Centre in Novi Sad, and thus became Serbia’s Olympic Team for 2014, have won five medals at the 31st Balkan Mathematical Olympiad in Pleven, Bulgaria. Of the five medals won, three were gold and two bronze. The students Žarko Ranđelović (The Svetozar Marković Grammar School, Niš), Ivan Tanasijević (Secondary School of Mathematics, Belgrade), and Dušan Drobnjak (Secondary School of Mathematics, Belgrade) won maximum points, which landed them gold medals. Maksim Stokić (Secondary School of Mathematics, Belgrade) and Anđela Šarković (The Svetozar Marković Grammar School, Niš) were bestowed bronze medals, and Luka Vukelić (Secondary School of Mathematics, Belgrade) was presented with an honourable mention award. As many as 58 secondary school students from ten countries in the region participated in the official competition, whereas 50 more contestants from ten countries around the world took part in the unofficial competition as guests. Of all the participating countries, the Serbian team won the greatest number of gold medals. The achieved results were born out of years of hard work and effort, of students and their teachers alike. Prior to the “Balkan Games”, seven-day preparations in mathematics had been organized on Mount Avala, as well as the 7th Serbian Mathematical Olympiad, held under the auspices of our company. Preparations and the participation in the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad, to be held in June this year in South Africa, lie ahead for the Serbian Olympic Team students, with the support of NIS. All the contestants are participants of the “Energy of Knowledge“ project. The students Žarko Ranđelović, Ivan Tanasijević, and Maksim Stokić are recipients of NIS scholarships.