Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce Hosts the European Parliament Rapporteur on Serbia

December 20, 2015

The meeting focused on the economic component of Serbia’s integration process into the EU, improvement of its business environment and the role that the country’s business should have in Serbia’s EU accession talks. The meeting with the Rapporteur was attended by Marko Čadež, Chamber of Commerce chairman, the CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko, president of MK Group Miodrag Kostić, the CEO of Erste Bank in Serbia Slavko Carić and others. Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce chairman Marko Čadež stressed that the activities of Chamber of Commerce strategically focus on Euro Integrations, pointing out that the business community must be part and parcel of that dialogue as well as the negotiating process with the EU, as the outcome of negotiations will have a direct impact on the country’s economy. Over the course of this meeting, the representatives of Serbia’s business community shared their views on the country’s current economic situation and its business environment. They came up with specific, constructive suggestions seeking to strengthen the position of the country’s economy in the process of accession talks, in the context of the upcoming opening of negotiating chapters. The CEO of NIS took this opportunity to stress that Naftna industrija Srbije drafted its business operations strategy for the period until 2030 pursuant to EU policies related to power generation, environment and climate changes by way of investments into projects compliant with these policies. The meeting participants made a conclusion that the cooperation between the European Parliament and Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce made significant strides this year, and looked forward for the continuation of the dialogue over the course of 2016.