Silver Trophy Awarded to NIS Oils and Lubricants Product Range

May 15, 2012

NIS Oils and Lubricants Department has won the Silver Trophy for excellent quality and product range of engine and hidraulic oils at the 79th International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad. According to the Quality Assessment Committee, products from the NISOTEC and G-ENERGY range deserved 14 commendable awards: six grand gold, six gold, and two silver medals. Dmitry Vukolov, director Directorate of oil&lubricants recived aword (at the middle) For the previous four years these awards have confirmed excellent quality of NISOTEC products, and this year - in the premium brand category, three G-ENERGY products were awarded. NIS is the official distributor of these products for the Balkan region. The following products have been awarded with Grand Gold medals: NISOTEC 2T SINT, NISOTEC HIPO LD SAE 80W-90, NISOTEC ATF IIIH, G-ENERGY F-SINT 5W-30,G-ENERGY FAR EAST M 10W-30, G-BOX ATF FAR EAST The following products have been awarded with gold medals: NISOTEC 2T NAUTIC, NISOTEC MARINE XD SAE 40,NISOTEC GEO LOW ASH SAE 40,NISOTEC SUPER LONG SAE 15W-40, NISOTEC HIPO LD SAE 90, NISOTEC HIPO SAE 80W The following products have been awarded with silver medals: NISOTEC SUPER SAE 10W SM, NISOTEC SUPER SAE 30