Sport against violence” in Bujanovci

November 20, 2014

The tennis which they see on TV has now arrived in their town and school. Girls and boys from Bujanovci had an opportunity to learn basic tennis shots and, at least for a short, become a part of the world of their idols - Novak Đoković, Jelena Janković, Ana Ivanović, and others. Although some of them held a racquet in their hand for the first time, they soon realized that tennis was a wonderful sport. The "Sport against Violence" campaign has once again sparked a great interest and proved how little it takes to demonstrate to our young ones that sports is a nice and healthy way to have fun. Time flew by while learning and playing and we are already looking forward to a new reunion. As of the beginning of October, over 400 students from nine cities and towns in Serbia have taken participation, and the campaign will be scheduled by the end of the year. The program of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) - MINI TENNIS is designed for school children and its objective, in addition to the tennis school, is to popularize sports values, culture of non-violence, fair play in sports, as very significant factors in the healthy development of children. In addition to the tennis training program, the children received gifts from NIS, a TFS' long-term partner, within its program "Energy of Sports" and strategy of socially responsible business. In this way, NIS, as a partner of the Tennis Federation of Serbia, took active participation in promotion of healthy living and encouragement the young talents. In 2014/2015 school year, the "Sport against Violence" campaign will be organized in more than 300 primary schools all over Serbia. Provided mini tennis courts, small-size racquets, and light balls, the children learnt tennis skills using equipment tailored specifically to their age. No wonder the young ones responded in a large number and embraced the campaign which sparked their interest, and therefore justified this campaign of far-reaching potential. The first impressions from the beginning of this educational campaign indicated that the approach to school children was very effective, choice of speakers was a success, and the host cities and towns realized very quickly that this and similar entertaining campaigns can, in a positive manner, create values which are indispensable in their young ones’ development. This summer, the "Sport against Violence" campaign was held in Belgrade, Novi Bečej, and, with the beginning of the new school year, it will continue in Novi Pazar, Prijepolje, Vrnjačka Banja, Kraljevo, Jagoding, Kragujevc, Užice, Bujanovci, Vladičin Han and Surdulica (25 Novemvber 2014), Hrtkovci (3 December 2014), Nova Pazova (11 December 2014), Zaječar (17 December 2014).