SPORT AGAINST VIOLENCE” in Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja

October 23, 2014

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) Program - MINI TENNIS designed for school-age children and targeting, in addition to the tennis school, popularization of sport values, non-violence culture, fair play in sport as extremely important elements in the healthy development of children - has been presented through the campaign "SPORT AGAINST VIOLENCE" in the heart of Šumadija and attended by more than 600 students in Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja. Mr Predrag Petronijević, President of Tennis Federation of Western Serbia, also supported the campaign "SPORT AGAINST VIOLENCE" in Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja. “The events such as "SPORT AGAINST VIOLENCE" are the most beautiful messages for young population in our country. Tennis is a gentleman's sport, in which, at the end of match or fierce tennis court battle, the opponents shake hands, thus showing the respect for each other and those sport competitions full of zeal, energy and crying out for success, in the end, end with a calm and beautiful gesture, heartfelt message and that is to shake the opponent’s hand and pay one’s respects. Today, children of Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja have learnt a lot and this is just the beginning of one great and fantastic campaign for which we will struggle to make it tradition as the children's beaming and bright faces who today have had an opportunity to take part in this event, their smiles and happiness have sent us a clear message to keep this trend”, said Mr Petronijević. In addition to the tennis training, children received gifts provided by NIS as a multiyear general sponsor of STF as a part of its program "Sport Energy" and corporate social responsibility strategy. In this manner, NIS has taken an active role as a partner to the Tennis Federation in promoting healthy lifestyle and encouraging young talents. The campaign "Sport against Violence" will be held throughout Serbia in more than 300 primary schools in the course of 2014/15 school-year. By using mini courts, smaller racquets and lighter balls, children have had the opportunity to learn tennis skills with the age-tailored equipment. It is no wonder that so many children have accepted this campaign and found themselves and therefore fully justified this campaign offering far-reaching opportunities. The first experiences from the very beginning of this both educational and pedagogical campaign have showed that the approach to primary school students had been extremely successful, the selected speakers proved to be a hit, and host cities have realized in the right time and in the right way that this campaign and similar campaigns of entertaining nature shape and show values the youngest need in their growing up. This summer, the Campaign, "Sport against Violence " was held in Belgrade, Novi Bečej and with the new school-year it will be held in Novi Pazar, Prijepolje, Vrnjačka Banja and Kraljevo, followed by Jagodina (October 28, 2014), Kragujevac (November 4, 2014), Užice (November 11, 2014), Bujanovac (November 18, 2014), Vladičin Han and Surdulica (November 25, 2014).