Sport against Violence supported by NIS took place in Sombor

February 18, 2015

Since early October last year, this campaign has been attended by more than 9000 pupils from 15 cities in Serbia. The Mini Tennis Program of International Tennis Federation is designed for school-age children and, in addition to tennis school, targeted at popularizing sport values, culture of non-violence, and fair play as an extremely important element in the healthy development of children. By using mini courts, smaller rackets and lighter balls, i.e. the equipment suited to their age, children had the opportunity to learn tennis skills. In addition to tennis training, the children also received gifts provided by NIS, the general sponsor of TFS for several years now. In 2015, Sport against Violence will continue to take place in cities all over Serbia, while in February, the campaign will be held in KanjiĹža on February 19, 2015 and Kosovska Mitrovica on February 25, 2015.