October 28, 2014

300 pupils of this school had an opportunity to learn their first tennis moves. The MINI TENNIS programme of the International Tennis Federation - ITF has been designed for school children and in addition to being a tennis school, it is aimed at popularising sports values, the culture of non-violence and fair play in sports - sports being an exceptionally important element in children's healthy development. Apart from receiving training, the children also received gifts provided by NIS, the general sponsor of TFS for several years now, as part of its Energy of Sports programme and corporate social responsibility strategy. This is how NIS as a partner of the Tennis Federation has taken an active part in promoting a healthy lifestyle and engaging young talents. The Sports against Violence campaign will be held in more than 300 primary schools across Serbia during the 2014/15 school year. By using mini courts, smaller rackets and lighter balls, i.e. the equipment suited to their age, the children got introduced to tennis skills. It is, therefore, not at all strange that their response was enthusiastic and that they were able to find themselves in the game, thus entirely justifying this far-reaching campaign. The experiences gained at the beginning of this educational and instructive campaign show that the approach to primary school children was exceptionally successful and the presenter choice was an absolute hit. The host towns realised at the right time and in the right way that the values indispensable to children as they grow up may be shaped and demonstrated via this campaign and other similar entertaining campaigns. The Sports against Violence campaign was held in Belgrade and Novi Bečej this summer and when the new school year started, it continued in Novi Pazar, Prijepolje, Vrnjačka banja and Kraljevo, and Jagodina. The following towns are to host it next: Kragujevac (on 4/11/2014), Užice (on 11/11/2014), Bujanovac (on 18/11/2014), Vladičin han and Surdulica (on 25/11/2014).