Sports against Violence in Kikinda

May 24, 2016

Tennis training in Kikinda By using mini courts, smaller rackets, lighter balls and equipment suitable for children, boys and girls from Kikinda had an opportunity to master the basic tennis movements with the assistance of professional coaches in an educational, healthy and funny way. In addition to tennis training, the children received diplomas and medals provided by NIS, which is a year-long general sponsor of the TFS. Under the Future at Work slogan, NIS is actively involved in the implementation of the Sports against Violence campaign in order to promote healthy lifestyle and encourage young talents. More than 20,000 children from all over Serbia have taken part in the Sports against Violence campaign so far, and by the end of this school year, the tennis caravan will visit Novi Bečej, Horgoš, Kanjiža, Žitište, Srbobran, Niš and Čačak.