October 14, 2014

The "Sports Against Violence" Campaign at ES "Zivko Ljujić", the only elementary school in Nova Varos, turned out to be a grande feast for all students. On this occasion, the International Tennis Federation ITF introduced the MINI TENNIS Programme, intended for children of school age, to 200 students in 32 classrooms, which, in addition to tennis school, is aimed at popularization of sports values and culture of non-violence , fair play in sport as an extremely important element in the healthy child and youth development. Smiles, chatter, the joy of children, seem to be the proof that events of this kind tend to be something like a real sign of life for the young generation of our country, something for which our youngsters’ hearts are crying out. Sports, love, coupled with a warm word make the most beautiful message which helps the children choose the right way and clear a perfect path through life. In addition to tennis training, children were presented gifts, provided by NIS, which is a year-long general sponsor of STA within its own program “Energy of Sports” and within the framework of the CSR Strategy, i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility integrated in its own business operation. In this way, NIS, as a partner of Tennis Association, is actively involved in promoting healthy living seeking to inspire and encourage more and more young talents. The campaign “Sports Against Violence” will be spread throughout Serbia, in over 300 elementary schools during the school year 2014/15. While using mini tennis courts, smaller rackets and lighter balls, those children also had an opportunity to familiarize with tennis playing skills, using the equipment tailored to suit their age. Therefore, it is no wonder that such a fantastic turnout of the youngest who have embraced this campaign and managed to find themselves, came as no surprise, offering thus a full justification for this far-reaching campaign. The first experiences gained at the beginning of this campaign, which used to be educational and behavioral, demonstrate that access to primary school age children, was extremely successful, choosing the right presenter proved to be a hit, and the city hosts recognized at just the right time and in just the right way the potential of this and other similar entertaining campaigns to shape and demonstrate the values essential for the youngest facing the challenge of growing up in the right way. This summer, the Campaign "Sports Against Violence" was held in Belgrade, Novi Becej, and continued through the new school year to reach Novi Pazar, Prijepolje, to be followed in the forthcoming period by Vrnjačka Banja and Kraljevo (22. 10. 2014), Jagodina (28.10.2014), Kragujevac (04.11.2014), Uzice (11.11.2014), Bujanovac (18.11.2014), Vladicin Han and Surdulica (25.11.2014).