“Sports Against Violence“ in Novi Bečej

May 27, 2016

Primary school pupils in Novi Bečej This event traditionally organized jointly by NIS, Tennis Association of Serbia, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and Ministry of Youth and Sports, seeks to promote healthy life-style and the right way of youth development. Primary school pupils in Novi Bečej have had an opportunity to use mini courts, small size rackets and lighter tennis balls, to benefit from tennis coaches training that introduced them to the rules of tennis with fun and use the gear specially designed for their age. Other than tennis coaching, all participants received certificates and medals, provided by NIS, as a token of gratitude for socializing and fair play. Within its corporate slogan  “Future is Now“ and strategy of socially responsible business, the NIS Company, being a long-standing sponsor of TAS , has been actively facilitating this event seeking to promote healthy life style and affirmation of young talents. Up to now more than 20.000 children all over Serbia took part in the “Sports against Violence“event, which, befor the year’s end, is to take place in the following cities: Horgoš, Kanjiža, Žitište, Srbobran, Niš and Čačak.