Start of Retail of Compressed Natural Gas in NIS Network

October 12, 2015

The ceremony related to the start of retail of compressed natural gas (CNG) at NIS Petrol filling station ʺNovi Sad 10ʺ NIS Company has been selling compressed natural gas by the wholesale system so far, and the gas-filling cylinder station at NIS Petrol filling station in Novi Sad is the first retail unit of this energy-generating product. The ceremony has been attended by the NIS CEO, Mr Kirill Kravchenko, the Mayor of the City of Novi Sad, Mr Miloš Vučević, as well as the representatives of the Company ʺFijat Krajsler Automobili Srbijaʺ and the Company ʺIvecoʺ. he ceremony has been attended by the NIS CEO, Mr Kirill Kravchenko and the Mayor of the City of Novi Sad, Mr Miloš Vučević The Chief Executive Officer of NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad, Mr Kirill Kravchenko, congratulated the employees who gave their contribution to the implementation of this project and stressed the importance of the start of sales of compressed natural gas in the Company’s network of petrol stations: “NIS currently owns more than 400 petrol stations and “Novi Sad 10” is the first to offer compressed natural gas as a fuel of the future. It is a cost effective and environmentally the cleanest product. We plan to expand sales of CNG in our retail network and for this reason this symbolic opening ceremony of the first petrol station to sell this product is of huge importance for our company. We started the CNG production at Palić, and I hope that next year we will start production of this product in Ostrovo. NIS strives to occupy the first, leading position in the production of this energy-generating product and next year we plan to implement similar projects in the wider region”. Mr Kirill Kravchenko, the CEO of NIS, at the ceremony related to the start of retail of compressed natural gas The Mayor of Novi Sad, Mr Miloš Vučević, expressed satisfaction with the fact that the first CNG station is opened in Novi Sad: “I am proud of the fact that NIS as a largest company in Serbia is headquartered in Novi Sad as well as that NIS sees Novi Sad as its own city. I hope that this will not change. I am glad that NIS opened the first CNG station in Novi Sad and thus made available one new energy-generating product, which brings additional benefits, to the citizens of Novi Sad and people who come to Novi Sad. This is also very important for the public transport and additionally advantageous to the public sector. I hope that NIS will continue with investments and this where it will always have the support of Novi Sad and me personally”. Mr Milos Vucevic, the Mayor of Novi Sad said he is proud the NIS is headquartered in Novi Sad Compressed natural gas is used as an alternative fuel for all types of vehicles, but also as an important energy-generating product in industry. It is regarded as the fuel of the future, because of its environment-friendly properties and excellent performances provided to the vehicles, and also because of its cost-effectiveness. In addition, compressed natural gas enables an easier start-up and better performances of the engine. NIS Company intends to extend this activity, so its plan is to develop retail of CNG at 20 filling stations in Serbia by 2020. As the leader in innovations in the market of Serbia and of the region, NIS is the owner of the first great network of filling stations in the country whose product portfolio includes compressed natural gas.