Started Large NIS Agro Prize Game

October 7, 2016

Users of NIS Agro cards and Agro payment cards can participate in the prize game with every purchase Euro Diesel or gas oil 0.1, as well as the users of loyalty program “On the road with us” with every purchase gas oil 0.1 at petrol stations of NIS, provided they have kept the fiscal receipt. The prize game lasts from 5th October to 3rd November 2016. Weekly prizes will be drawn at the end of each week, and the final draw is on 4th November 2016. In addition to the main prize, a fuel card worth 9,000 litres of fuel, a rich prize fund has been provided for four weekly draws – 12 fuel cards worth 500 litres of fuel, 120 fuel cards worth 100 litres of fuel as well as 100 NISOTEC product packages from the range of oil products. All information on the prize game can be found on customer website, and it can also be obtained by calling the NIS Call Centre at 08 0000 8888. Additional information: Participation in the large NIS Agro prize game is only a part of the benefits provided by the Company to agricultural producers, users of NIS Agro cards. Therefore, consumers who use NIS Agro cards become entitled to a discount of 5 dinars per litre of Euro Diesel, or 3 dinars per litre of gas oil 0.1, as well as 15% discount on NISOTEC oils and lubricants, or 20% discount on the selected consumer goods. During the weekend, within the campaign “Agro Weekend” which lasts until 13th November 2013, this card provides additional benefits – a discount of 6 dinars per litre on gas oil 0.1, or 8 dinars per litre on Euro Diesel.  Also, the owners of the card can use the benefits of quantity discount. For quantities exceeding 99 litres, a discount of 3 to 7 dinars will be provided for a litre of gas oil 0.1, while the discount on Euro Diesel ranges from 5 to 9 dinars per litre.