State-of-the-Art Digital In-Line Petrol Blending System at Pančevo Oil Refinery

June 11, 2017

NIS has successfully delivered a new project of motor petrol in-line blending at Pančevo Oil Refinery as part of additional modernisation of refinery processing. The software system, including the system for planning and optimising petrol formulation, controls the entire process involving 12 pipelines and many pumps supplying petrol components that are dosed with digital precision and then stored in a tank as a finished product. This method of blending ensures steady quality of the finished product. A particular benefit brought by the investment is considerably shorter time of petrol blending, which increases operational efficiency. It used to take 25 to 36 hours to produce a batch of petrol of 2,500 to 3,000 cubic metres, while now the quantities are produced in 13 to 20 hours. “The successfully delivered project of motor petrol in-line blending reaffirms the commitment of NIS to producing top-quality fuels. Furthermore, this investment and the new computerised production system cater for production in compliance with the latest technical regulations and requirements of occupational safety, fire and environmental protection,” underscored Vladimir Gagić, Director of “Refining” at NIS.