Step ahead in Refinery Modernisation

October 9, 2015

The works, which lasted for a month, were performed in the largest refinery plant for the production of gasoline components and gases (FCC complex) and in the Alkylation Unit which produces high-octane components used to obtain top-quality gasoline. NIS invested more than three million euros into this stage of modernisation of the Pančevo Oil Refinery. The market was regularly supplied with all petroleum products for the entire duration of the works, given that sufficient stocks had been ensured by increasing the production in advance of the start of the works. “In addition to the positive financial effect it had on NIS’ refinery business, additional modernisation will also have a direct impact on reducing particulate matter, which is an important environmental aspect of the modernisation,” highlighted Mr Aurel Bogdan, Director of Production Department of NIS Refining. Stringent procedures and all environmental standards were followed in the performance of the additional modernisation works at the Pančevo Oil Refinery and therefore there were no adverse effects on the environment during the performance of works.