Strategic Cooperation between NIS and AP Vojvodina Government Continues

April 27, 2012

Cooperation between NIS, AP Vojvodina Government and local authorities in the province has been extended today by concluding the main and supporting agreements on strategic cooperation in 2012. Contrary to the previous three years, a new principle for fund allocation is introduced in individual agreements with municipalities and cities: 50 per cent is allocated independently by the municipality/city, and the remaining 50 per cent will be intended for projects selected by public competition. This means that individuals, associations, humanitarian and non-governmental organisations, youth talents and other interested parties can individually apply for support by NIS to their projects in the area of sports, culture, environment, science and humanitarian activities. Precise requirements and propositions for public competitions in local communities will be posted in May at NIS corporate website, local authorities’ websites and in the media. After the competition is announced, all interested parties will be able to send their requests to the company e-mail address: Projects will be approved by a special committee consisting of representatives from NIS, city or municipality to which the project refers. Total value of this year's Agreement with Vojvodina Government is 81.250.000 dinars and is realised, for the past four years, within the NIS Cooperation for Development corporate programme. Goal of this strategic cooperation is improving the everyday life and social infrastructure in the local community, developing sports, science and culture, influx of investment and active participation of NIS in resolving specific local issues. Moreover, apart from signing the Agreement with AP Vojvodina, NIS also signed supporting agreements with the following cities and municipalities: Novi Sad, Pančevo, Kikinda, Zrenjanin, Novi Bečej, Kanjiža, and Žitište. Employment - new cooperation direction between NIS and AP Vojvodina NIS wants to actively contribute to the Vojvodina employment policy, and due to this a special agreement was signed today with the Provincial Secretariat for Labour, Employment and Gender Equality. According to this Agreement NIS is obliged to employ a 250 university educated people who are currently in the National Employment Agency database and live in Vojvodina. NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko stated - "It is our pleasure to continue partnership with Vojvodina Government for years in a row now. NIS has invested over 263 million dinars in project of priority to development of local communities and excellent results were achieved. This year we will give an opportunity to interested organisations and talented individuals to directly suggest their projects and activities to NIS via public competition, and we believe that this novelty will bring even better results. We are also opening our doors for a year to unemployed experts. We hope to encourage them and others, especially young people who are waiting for work, but also motivate the whole society to do whatever it can to reduce the unemployment issue to the least possible number.