Students from Stanford University visit Pancevo Oil Refinery

March 25, 2015

A group of 30 students from the USA and their professor Kenneth Shot had an opportunity to see the process of operation of one of the most advanced plants of that kind in the region producing gasoline and diesel in full compliance with the Euro 5 standard. During their visit, the students had an opportunity to see a new plant of light hydro-cracking and hydro-treating of motor fuels, the investment which enabled NIS to take the strategically important position of a leader in the regional market of petroleum products, and it ensured energy stability to Serbia. The guests of the Refinery said they were very satisfied with what they had a chance to visit and see: "I am glad that I have visited such a big and modern refinery and that my students had an opportunity to learn something more about crude oil production and refining" said professor Kenneth Shot. Commenting on the lecture held by Kirill Kravchenko, the Chief Executive Officer, which included the presentation of the business activities of NIS, he said he was very glad that his students had an opportunity to hear some outstanding advice on managing a big company. Morris Bayern, a second-year student of Master’s programme at Stanford also said that the he considered the visit to the Refinery to be enormously interesting. "This visit is a new experience for all of us, because we haven't had a chance so far to visit such plants. This was a highly informative visit, indeed, because we heard about the strategic steps of the company at the beginning of the visit, and then we saw how it all works in practice", said Morris Bayern. NIS is one of the Serbian companies the students of Stanford visited as part of their study trip, with the aim to learn more about the economy, society and culture of this country. For the last six years NIS has maintained partnership relations with educational and scientific institutions in the country and abroad, which, among else, include visits of representatives of NIS as guest lecturers, but also the lectures of experts for the employees in NIS. So this time the Company agreed again with pleasure to receive the students from Stanford University. Stanford University is one of the highest-quality educational institutions in the world offering its students the best education and preparation for their future business activities. The university organises study trips every year and this year the students chose Serbia and Croatia in the competition which included 20 countries.